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ScanImage customization and development


MBF Bioscience offers customization software development services for scientific labs and institutes seeking to adapt ScanImage software to their unique experimental requirements. We also offer custom proprietary software development for commercial applications.

Our engineers can help you design and write software to handle the most complex microscope designs. For example, we have deep experience in controlling and imaging with in vivo 2 photon and 3 photon microscopy using fast focus, remote focus, xy stages, femtosecond lasers, cameras, DMDs, SLMs, holography, photo multiplier tubes, galvos, resonant scanners, polygonal scanners, high-speed data transfers, etc.


Our ScanImage customization services can range from:

      • mapping out a development plan for you to perform
      • kick-starting projects
      • full project implementation


Custom C++, Python and MATLAB software development

MBF Bioscience offers custom software development services for high-performance microscopy and image analysis, including web integration. Whether you have need for a software application for in a laboratory, an institution, a collaborative network, or a commercial enterprise, our team of expert engineers can help you accomplish complex software development projects.


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ScanImage custom

We've made custom solutions for multiple clients

Leading labs around the world are using MBF products in ways that are tuned and customized for their individual needs.

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At MBF, we’ve spent decades understanding the needs of researchers and their labs — and have a suite of products and solutions that have been specifically designed for the needs of today’s most important and advanced labs. Our commitment to you is to spend time with you discussing the needs of your lab — so that we can make sure the solutions we provide for you are exactly what you’ll need. It’s part of our commitment to supporting you — before, during, and after you’ve made your decision. We look forward to talking with you!