Automated Stereology using Artificial Intelligence

Only CELLAIRUS provides automatic, accurate, unbiased, high-throughput 3D cell quantification in histological specimens.

Unbiased Stereology is recognized as the gold standard for accurate quantification because it is a rigorous and unbiased methodology for quantifying features of biological tissues such as the size, shape, distribution, and quantity of objects.

Although stereology is the accepted, gold-standard for quantification, the wide-spread adoption of stereological analysis has been hindered because it is labor-intensive, until now.


CELLAIRUS uses state of the art machine learning and 3D segmentation technology integrated with a sophisticated framework using unbiased stereological sampling and counting rules to automate the most widely used unbiased stereological probe, the optical fractionator. 

  •  Faster than manual stereology—our testing indicates that a typical study is up to 35 times faster than manual stereology
  •  Unbiased and more accurate than other 3D detection methods.


    CELLAIRUS takes advantage of the high-resolution image data that is acquired by our Vesalius high-speed, confocal slide scanner to perform fast, accurate analysis of cell number in fluorescent tissue sections.

    • Delineate anatomical regions of interest in which to count cells
    • Train to recognize the cells in your specimens
    • Deep learning automatically counts cells
    • Computes the results and coefficients of error using established stereological formulae


    CELLAIRUS also contains features that allow for comprehensive data auditing

    • Visually inspect the results using a dynamic 3D visualization environment
    • Manually edit any of the automatic results
    • Retain your image data and detection results in an easy to access digital format to review at a later time, even years later

    CELLAIRUS was supported by NIMH grant R44-MH105091 to MBF Bioscience, Inc.


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