Letter from the President

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Letter from the President

Dear MBF scientific community,

As another year comes to a close, we at MBF are thinking of all of you.


We’ll always remember 2021 as the “recalibration year” of the pandemic — vaccines, reopenings, variants, lockdowns coming and going, conferences being held virtually or canceled altogether, social distancing from each other and all of you.


As they say, you don’t know what you miss until it’s gone. And nothing could be more true for us. We miss our interactions with you in the real world, in your labs, and at the nexus of insight and discovery.


We continue to look forward to a brighter and closer future. When we can be together toe-to-toe, arm-in-arm with you — marveling at the scientific insights you uncover daily. We remain in deep admiration of the work you do for your labs, for science, and for humanity at large.


So, as we close the year 2021 — let all of us be reminded to hold those dear to us closer, to appreciate those we’re with, and to truly enjoy the irreplaceable joy of true human connection.


Here’s looking forward to being truly face to face with all of you in 2022.

Till then,
Jack Glaser