Letter from the President: Connect with Us!

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Letter from the President: Connect with Us!

I hope this missive finds all of you healthy and happy. The pandemic continues to interrupt our daily lives, and our ways of working and doing business. I was particularly disappointed about the cancelation of the in-person portion of this year’s Society for Neuroscience conference. I was so looking forward to seeing so many of you in person, there’s just no substitute for being connected together, in a shared space.


We at MBF are trying to figure out how we can see this challenge as an opportunity to get better. What ways can we best serve our customers, during this time and beyond? What are the innovations we can embrace to help move the neuroscience community forward, and continue to act as a collaborative ally to the critical work all of you are doing?


So, that’s where I could use your help. We’re brainstorming and strategizing how we can be helpful to you in this trying time. But we’d love to hear your insights from your lab, your challenges, and your unique situations.


What’s changed for you during the pandemic? What are the challenges you’re facing that you never could have expected, and how are you pivoting to deal with those challenges? What about your coworkers and lab partners? Have you built new routines and habits that are helpful? And above all, how are you feeling about things, both emotionally and rationally?


If you could, drop me a line at jack@mbfbioscience.com. Let me know what particular challenges you’re facing now, and maybe even some of those you’ve had in the past. We want to do everything we can to help you move your work forward. We like to think of ourselves as more than a commercial company, more than a solutions provider — but as an active ally and advocate to your work. And knowing what you need is the first key step in that.


Here’s hoping we’ll see each other in person soon. But, in the meantime, we’ll keep innovating and finding new ways to serve you — even when we have to stay at least six feet apart.


And, we’ll optimistically look forward to connecting with you in person down the road.


Until then,