2020 NIH Grants support jobs and economic vitality in Vermont — UVM and MBF Bioscience lead the way

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2020 NIH Grants support jobs and economic vitality in Vermont — UVM and MBF Bioscience lead the way

Williston, VT – In 2020, the National Institutes of Health awarded $71.6 million in grants and contracts to Vermont research institutions, supporting job creation and economic vitality in the Green Mountain State.


The University of Vermont, the state’s largest employer, led the list of recipients, but right behind UVM is another, lesser known powerhouse in the biomedical research community—MBF Bioscience.


An award-winning Vermont business, MBF Bioscience engineers microscope-based quantitative imaging and visualization solutions to help researchers on the cutting edge of creating a better future for humanity—a future with less disease, enhanced creativity, and heightened physical, mental, and emotional health.


MBF Bioscience helps these scientific leaders illuminate their discoveries, analyze their information, empower their research, and enhance the certainty and speed with which they can publish and share their insights.


“The NIH grants we receive are SBIR grants, which are dedicated to commercializing technology to support biomedical research. And what’s even more important is that we act as an ally to support the scientific community and build technology that advances bioscience in general. So, the benefits from the grants don’t just stop with us — as we commercialize products, they continue to add and fuel advancements in research labs around the world at scale far into the future.” says MBF Bioscience President Jack Glaser.


“It has been a challenging year for our customers,” says Jack Glaser,” these NIH grants help make sure that important research continues moving forward, even in difficult economic times.


Over the past year, while the NIH has spearheaded the effort to combat COVID-19, the agency has continued to support research in labs across the country. This scientific support is essential to making progress in America’s health and wellbeing beyond the pandemic.


Nationwide, support from NIH grants in 2020 led to 536,338 jobs and generated $91.35 billion in economic activity, demonstrating that the value of NIH-funded research extends far beyond improving our health. The NIH supports discoveries and trains a workforce that helps the United States remain the global leader in the life sciences industry.


For that, we’re grateful.


About MBF Bioscience

Headquartered in Williston, VT, MBF Bioscience is a leading provider of microscope-based image analysis tools to researchers around the world. Founded in 1988, MBF has received numerous awards for innovation, customer service, and employee satisfaction, including the US Small Business Administration’s Tibbetts Award for excellence in high technology, the Vermont Small Business Person of the Year award, and the Best Places to Work in Vermont award. MBF’s tools have been cited in over 16,000 peer-reviewed journal publications.




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