Stereo Investigator Microscope Edition Gets New Imaging Engine, Automatic Alignment, and More

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Our state-of-the-art software for performing unbiased stereology is getting an upgrade. Faster, stronger, and better, has been a theme for us lately, as we improve our products across the board, but one place where this is especially striking is in Stereo Investigator.

Set for release this spring, the new and improved Stereo Investigator will include a new imaging engine, display engine, automatic camera alignment, automatic lens calibration, the double disector, and live video zooming 

I’m excited to say that Stereo Investigator keeps getting better in so many ways. What is common among all these new features is increased functionality, more efficiency and better performance,” says MBF Bioscience Product Manager Nathan Liese.  

The new imaging engine will especially help working with large images, whether they are from the SRS image acquisition, confocal or light sheet microscopes. “Users will be amazed by how much faster they can work with their images”, says Nathan. 

The software’s new automatic alignment and calibration features will be game-changers for researchers with large turn over, especially for those working in core facilities and large labs with many users.  

These new features eliminate the time-consuming process of manually aligning the camera and calibrating lensesThe new automatic camera alignment and calibration functionality promises to convert a formerly complex process that previously could take five to 20-minutes, to a simple one that takes a few minutes. 

Two other new features: Double Disector and Live Video Zooming were specific requests from our users, and help make Stereo Investigator an even more comprehensive tool for stereology studies. Double Disector facilitates the counting process in cases where populations of multiple types need to be quantified within the same study, and Live Video Zooming offers the added convenience of digital zooming to examine hard to see objects 

Overall Stereo Investigator’s new imaging engine and new tracing engine make the software more powerful than ever, with the ability to handle larger images, load data files much faster, open and save files faster, and more effectively use your computer’s resources. 

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