MBF Announces the Acquisition of Vidrio Technologies

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MBF Announces the Acquisition of Vidrio Technologies


MBF Bioscience is expanding our two photon and laser scanning technology capabilities by acquiring Vidrio Technologies.


Vidrio and MBF share a deep passion for helping scientists reveal the fundamental structures and functions of the brain. Our teams are committed to serving the neuroscience community by providing innovative hardware and software tools to help researchers achieve their goals. We are driven to do our part to move our companies, the scientific community, and humanity forward, and we believe that by joining forces, we can build the next generation of truly exceptional tools to support the future of scientific research.


Because together we can do so much more than we could separately.


We’re excited to show you what great new things we’re going to do next. And that will come in due time. But, for now, we want to focus on what won’t change. We’re still committed to developing and improving the products and services you depend on. We’re still focused on providing the high-quality, responsive support you expect. And we still pledge to do all of this the way we always have—with an empathetic, scientist-first approach.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either or both of us at the contact numbers below. We continue to rely on you for insight, perspective, and advice about how we can serve you better today, to enable exciting discoveries tomorrow.


Thanks for being part of this amazing journey.


Contact Information:

MBF Bioscience | 1-802-288-9290  | info@mbfbioscience.com
Vidrio Technologies | 1-571-209-4591 | operations@vidriotech.com