Researchers cited MBF systems in 16 papers during the week of 7/27/2014

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Researchers cited MBF systems in 16 papers during the week of 7/27/2014

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Almeida-Suhett, C. P., Prager, E. M., Pidoplichko, V., Figueiredo, T. H., Marini, A. M., Li, Z., . . . Braga, M. F. M. (2014). Reduced GABAergic Inhibition in the Basolateral Amygdala and the Development of Anxiety-Like Behaviors after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Plos one, 9(7), e102627. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0102627.

Barnum, C. J., Chen, X., Chung, J., Chang, J., Williams, M., Grigoryan, N., . . . Tansey, M. G. (2014). Peripheral Administration of the Selective Inhibitor of Soluble Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) XPro1595 Attenuates Nigral Cell Loss and Glial Activation in 6-OHDA Hemiparkinsonian Rats. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease. doi: 10.3233/jpd-140410.

Camacho, J., Ejaz, E., Ariza, J., Noctor, S. C., & Martínez-Cerdeño, V. (2014). RELN-expressing neuron density in layer I of the superior temporal lobe is similar in human brains with autism and in age-matched controls. Neuroscience Letters(0).

Campbell, S. L., Robel, S., Cuddapah, V. A., Robert, S., Buckingham, S. C., Kahle, K. T., & Sontheimer, H. (2014). GABAergic disinhibition and impaired KCC2 cotransporter activity underlie tumor-associated epilepsy. Glia, n/a-n/a. doi: 10.1002/glia.22730.

Cohen, A., Soleiman, M., Talia, R., Koob, G., George, O., & Mandyam, C. (2014). Extended access nicotine self-administration with periodic deprivation increases immature neurons in the hippocampus. Psychopharmacology, 1-11. doi: 10.1007/s00213-014-3685-0.

Franz, S., Ciatipis, M., Pfeifer, K., Kierdorf, B., Sandner, B., Bogdahn, U., . . . Weidner, N. (2014). Thoracic Rat Spinal Cord Contusion Injury Induces Remote Spinal Gliogenesis but Not Neurogenesis or Gliogenesis in the Brain. Plos one, 9(7), e102896.

Grapov, D., Fahrmann, J., Hwang, J., Poudel, A., Jo, J., Periwal, V., . . . Hara, M. (2014). Diabetes associated metabolomic perturbations in NOD mice. Metabolomics, 1-13. doi: 10.1007/s11306-014-0706-2.

Langdon, K. D., Granter-Button, S., Harley, C. W., Moody-Corbett, F., Peeling, J., & Corbett, D. (2014). A cognitive rehabilitation paradigm effective in male rats lacks efficacy in female rats. [Original Article]. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. doi: 10.1038/jcbfm.2014.132.

Long, C., Grueter, C. E., Song, K., Qin, S., Qi, X., Kong, Y. M., . . . Olson, E. N. (2014). Ataxia and Purkinje cell degeneration in mice lacking the CAMTA1 transcription factor. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1411251111.

Nishibe, M., Urban, E. T. R., Barbay, S., & Nudo, R. J. (2014). Rehabilitative Training Promotes Rapid Motor Recovery but Delayed Motor Map Reorganization in a Rat Cortical Ischemic Infarct Model. Neurorehabilitation and neural repair. doi: 10.1177/1545968314543499.

Sabirzhanov, B., Zhao, Z., Stoica, B. A., Loane, D. J., Wu, J., Borroto, C., . . . Faden, A. I. (2014). Downregulation of miR-23a and miR-27a following Experimental Traumatic Brain Injury Induces Neuronal Cell Death through Activation of Proapoptotic Bcl-2 Proteins. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(30), 10055-10071.

Sellers, D. L., Kim, T. H., Mount, C. W., Pun, S. H., & Horner, P. J. (2014). Poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid microspheres encapsulated in Pluronic F-127 prolong hirudin delivery and improve functional recovery from a demyelination lesion. Biomaterials(0).

Subramaniam, M., Kern, B., Vogel, S., Klose, V., Schneider, G., & Roeper, J. (2014). Selective increase of in vivo firing frequencies in DA SN neurons after proteasome inhibition in the ventral midbrain. European Journal of Neuroscience, n/a-n/a. doi: 10.1111/ejn.12660.


Averaimo, S., Gritti, M., Barini, E., Gasparini, L., & Mazzanti, M. (2014). CLIC1 functional expression is required for cAMP-induced neurite elongation in postnatal mouse retinal ganglion cells. Journal of Neurochemistry, n/a-n/a. doi: 10.1111/jnc.12832.

Heilbronner, S. R., & Haber, S. N. (2014). Frontal Cortical and Subcortical Projections Provide a Basis for Segmenting the Cingulum Bundle: Implications for Neuroimaging and Psychiatric Disorders. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(30), 10041-10054.

Narayanan, S. N., Jetti, R., Gorantla, V. R., Kumar, R. S., Nayak, S., & Bhat, P. G. (2014). Appraisal of the effect of brain impregnation duration on neuronal staining and morphology in a modified Golgi–Cox method. Journal of Neuroscience Methods(0).