Upcoming Webinar: Stereology Concepts & Probe Selection

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Upcoming Webinar: Stereology Concepts & Probe Selection

Area and Volume Estimation in Stereo InvestigatorStereology is considered the gold standard methodology for unbiased and precise quantification of microscopic biological features of tissues. Yet, researchers are often confused about how to properly design an experiment which effectively and efficiently employs stereology.  This webinar is designed to demystify the core concepts of stereology ( isotropy, systematic random sampling, tissue preparation, bias) to help participants confidently design their next experiment.

In this webinar led by Drs. Susan Tappan and Dan Peruzzi, participants will learn:

  • how to choose the correct probes for estimation of object number, length, surface  area, and regional volume.
  • how to select the most suitable type of tissue sectioning.
  • how to perform systematic sampling properly.

Go to our website to register for our free webinar “Stereology Concepts & Probe Selection” which will take place Thursday, March 28 at 12 noon US Eastern Standard Time.

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