MBF System for Analyzing Whole Sections of Human Brain Tissue Installed for a Neuropsychiatry Research Program in Texas

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Samantha Sachsenmayer, Research Assistant & Dr. Jeff Browning, Scientist, were trained by Dr. Dan Peruzzi during the installation.

An MBF Bioscience system for analyzing human brain tissue was recently installed at Texas A&M University System Health Sciences Center College of Medicine (TAMUSCOM). Dr. Dan Peruzzi, Staff Scientist, integrated Stereo Investigator with a Zeiss Vario microscope, camera, and a custom-made Ludl motorized stage that can hold up to 8″x 8″ slides – large enough for whole human brain sections – for Dr. Keith Young’s lab. In addition to the installation, Dr. Peruzzi taught the lab members how to use the system and demonstrated how to acquire SRS image stacks which are image stacks suitable for stereology.

Dr. Young’s lab is a key component of the Neuropsychiatry Research Program supported by TAMUSCOM and the Central Texas Veterans Health Care System. The  Neuropsychiatry Research Program focuses on translational and clinical research with an emphasis on schizophrenia and other brain diseases.  It has core facilities for stereological analysis of neuropathological tissue, immunohistochemistry, neurochemistry, behavioral pharmacology, and clinical psychopharmacology trials.

We’re pleased to be able to provide a specialized system for Dr. Young and his team.



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