Take a Look at the Latest Research Using MBF Systems (week of 3/11/13)

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Take a Look at the Latest Research Using MBF Systems (week of 3/11/13)


Our systems were mentioned in 18 published research papers last week alone.  Take a closer look at some of the research…


  • Brewster, A. L., Lugo, J. N., Patil, V. V., Lee, W. L., Qian, Y., Vanegas, F., & Anderson, A. E. (2013). Rapamycin Reverses Status Epilepticus-Induced Memory Deficits and Dendritic Damage. PLOS ONE8(3), e57808. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0057808
  • Chabot, N., Mellott, J. G., Hall, A. J., Tichenoff, E. L., & Lomber, S. G. (2013). Cerebral origins of the auditory projection to the superior colliculus of the cat.Hearing Research. doi: 10.1016/j.heares.2013.02.008
  • Haynes, W. I., & Haber, S. N. (2013). The Organization of Prefrontal-Subthalamic Inputs in Primates Provides an Anatomical Substrate for Both Functional Specificity and Integration: Implications for Basal Ganglia Models and Deep Brain Stimulation. The Journal of Neuroscience33(11), 4804-4814. doi: 10.1523/​JNEUROSCI.4674-12.2013      
  • Henny, P., Brown, M. T., Micklem, B. R., Magill, P. J., & Bolam, J. P. (2013). Stereological and ultrastructural quantification of the afferent synaptome of individual neurons. Brain Structure and Function, 1-10. doi: 10.1007/s00429-013-0523-9
  • Louis, E. D., Babij, R., Cortés, E., Vonsattel, J. P. G., & Faust, P. L. (2013). The inferior olivary nucleus: A postmortem study of essential tremor cases versus controls. Movement Disorders. doi: 10.1002/mds.25400
  • Schloesser, R. J., Jimenez, D. V., Hardy, N. F., Paredes, D., Catlow, B. J., Manji, H. K., … & Martinowich, K. (2013). Atrophy of pyramidal neurons and increased stress-induced glutamate levels in CA3 following chronic suppression of adult neurogenesis. Brain Structure and Function, 1-10. doi: 10.1007/s00429-013-0532-8
  • Sudarov, A., Gooden, F., Tseng, D., Gan, W. B., & Ross, M. E. (2013). Lis1 controls dynamics of neuronal filopodia and spines to impact synaptogenesis and social behaviour. EMBO Molecular Medicine. doi: 10.1002/emmm.201202106
  • Wallace, M. L., Chen, C. H., Chorev, E., & Brecht, M. (2013). Structure, Function, and Cortical Representation of the Rat Submandibular Whisker Trident. The Journal of Neuroscience33(11), 4815-4824. doi: 10.1523/​JNEUROSCI.4770-12.2013

 Stereo Investigator:

  • Boström, M., Kalm, M., Karlsson, N., Erkenstam, N. H., & Blomgren, K. (2013). Irradiation to the young mouse brain caused long-term, progressive depletion of neurogenesis but did not disrupt the neurovascular niche. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolismdoi:10.1038/jcbfm.2013.34
  • Brasnjevic, I., Lardenoije, R., Schmitz, C., Van Der Kolk, N., Dickstein, D. L., Takahashi, H., … & Rutten, B. P. (2013). Region-specific neuron and synapse loss in the hippocampus of APPSL/PS1 knock-in mice. Translational Neuroscience4(1), 8-19. doi: 10.2478/s13380-013-0111-8
  • Díaz-Hernández, M. E., Bustamante, M., Galván-Hernández, C. I., & Chimal-Monroy, J. (2013). Irx1 and Irx2 Are Coordinately Expressed and Regulated by Retinoic Acid, TGFβ and FGF Signaling during Chick Hindlimb Development.PLOS ONE8(3), e58549. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0058549
  • Figley, S. A., Chen, Y., Maeda, A., Conroy, L., McMullen, J. D., Silver, J. I., … & DaCosta, R. S. (2013). A Spinal Cord Window Chamber Model for In Vivo Longitudinal Multimodal Optical and Acoustic Imaging in a Murine Model. PLOS ONE8(3), e58081. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0058081
  • Groh, J., Kühl, T. G., Ip, C. W., Nelvagal, H. R., Sri, S., Duckett, S., … & Martini, R. (2013). Immune cells perturb axons and impair neuronal survival in a mouse model of infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. Brain.
  • Purushothuman, S., Nandasena, C., Peoples, C. L., El Massri, N., Johnstone, D., Mitrofanis, J., & Stone, J. Saffron Pre-Treatment Offers Neuroprotection to Nigral and Retinal Dopaminergic Cells of MPTP-Treated mice. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease10.3233/JPD-130173
  • Schnegg, C. I., Greene-Schloesser, D., Kooshki, M., Payne, V. S., Hsu, F. C., & Robbins, M. E. (2013). The PPARδ agonist, GW0742, inhibits neuroinflammation, but does not restore neurogenesis or prevent early delayed hippocampal-dependent cognitive impairment after whole-brain irradiation. Free Radical Biology and Medicine. doi: 10.1016/j.freeradbiomed.2013.03.002
  • Watson, M. B., Nobuta, H., Abad, C., Lee, S. K., Bala, N., Zhu, C., … & Waschek, J. A. (2013). PACAP deficiency sensitizes nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons to paraquat-induced damage and modulates central and peripheral inflammatory activation in mice. Neuroscience. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2013.03.002
  • Wilson, R. S., Nag, S., Boyle, P. A., Hizel, L. P., Yu, L., Buchman, A. S., … & Bennett, D. A. (2013). Neural reserve, neuronal density in the locus ceruleus, and cognitive decline. Neurology. doi: 10.​1212/​WNL.​0b013e3182897103
  • YİĞİT, F., AKTAŞ, A., & DAĞLIOĞLU, S. (2013). Effects of Bisphenol A and Diethylstilbestrol on the Involution of Bursa of Fabricius in the Hensİstanbul Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi39(2), 168-174.