Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

Familiar music could help people with brain damage
Listening to a favourite song might boost the brain’s ability to respond to other stimuli in people with disorders of consciousness. (08/29/2012)

How To Learn in Your Sleep
Subjects trained to sniff pleasant smells while asleep retain the conditioning when they wake up. (08/26/2012)

Genome of Ancient Denisovans May Help Clarify Human Evolution
New technology enabled scientists to obtain a high-precision genetic sequencing of the extinct Denisovan people, a relative of humans. (08/30/2012)

Alzheimer’s Triggered by “Type Three Diabetes”
An unhealthy diet could lead to Alzheimer’s disease by triggering a form of insulin resistance dubbed “type three diabetes”, scientists claim. (08/29/2012)

Neuroscience Of 20-Somethings: ‘Emerging Adults’ Show Brain Differences
“The brain, once thought to be fully grown after puberty, is still evolving into its adult shape well into a person’s third decade.” Article reports on brain research in young adults. (08/29/2012)

Neuroscientist Turns Brain Waves Into Music
Columbia University scientist David Sulzer uses a computer to translate the spontaneous patterns of his brain waves into music. (08/27/2012)