Prof. Mark West Visits the MBF Bioscience Office

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Prof. Mark West Visits the MBF Bioscience Office

We recently welcomed some very special guests at our main office in Williston, Vermont. Dr. Mark West, a professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, and an expert and pioneer in the field of stereology, and his wife Maryam spent an exciting day touring the office, chatting with the staff, and trying out some of our new products.

“It’s a real honor to have Professor Mark West visit our offices,” MBF President Jack Glaser said. “The work that he pioneered in counting brain cells with unbiased stereology has evolved in our Stereo Investigator software. His contributions to the field are enormous.”

During his visit, Dr. West presented us with a copy of his new book Basic Stereology for Biologists and Neuroscientists, which President Glaser says “will be the book that everyone learning stereology reads.” And we were delighted to offer Dr. West a preview of the upcoming version of Stereo Investigator 11, set for official release this fall.

“It was great to visit the MBF offices,” Dr. West said. “When I’m in Denmark I interact with many of the MBF employees through the remote online service, where they interact live with me and my PC. I was very happy to meet in person so many of the people who I already know through these remote sessions. MBF has impressive facilities, and a truly great team!”

Read an interview with Prof. Mark West we ran earlier this year.

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