Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

Scientists Control Monkey Behavior with Light for the First Time
Researchers at Harvard and MIT attempted a modest experiment: To change the dynamics of a monkey’s eye movements by inserting and activating the light-sensitive protein in cells in a part of the brain known to be involved with eye movements. (07/27/2012)

Which Is Bigger: A Human Brain or the Universe?
NPR science writer Robert Krulwich ponders the infinity of the human brain. (07/24/2012)

Fixing the Way We Fix the Brain
The Harvard Gazette reports on the new Massachusetts Neuroscience Consortium, a $1.75 million partnership intended to fundamentally shift approaches to neurological disease research. (07/26/2012)

Northwestern Study: One Drug Might Fight Alzheimer’s, Other Brain Conditions
A new class of drug shows promise it might one day offer a new form of treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, as well as helping fight multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury. (07/24/2012)

Ecstasy May Cause Memory Problems
University of Cologne scientists say light use of the club drug Ecstasy may cause subtle memory deficits. (07/26/2012)