Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

Cool Down With a Hot Drink? It’s Not As Crazy As You Think Say Neuroscientists
Hot tea might not sound like the most refreshing of drinks for a 100-degree day. But neuroscientists say that receptors in your mouth may send a cool message when they detect hot foods. (07/11/2012)

Mayo Clinic Maps Brain, Finds Alzheimer’s Patients Drive Differently
The results of a new study suggest varying brain activity may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. (07/13/2012)

Size of Brain Area Linked to Willingness to Give
The size of a small brain re­gion in­flu­ences one’s pre­dis­po­si­tion for al­tru­is­tic be­hav­ior, a study has found. (07/14/2012)

Alzheimer’s Brain Changes Occur 25 Years Before Memory Problems
Washington University researchers say the first Alzheimer’s-related changes begin to develop 25 years before memory and thinking problems appear. (07/11/2012)

How the Deaf Brain Rewires Itself to ‘Hear’ Touch and Sight
The auditory portions of a deaf person’s brain can learn to process touch and vision. Mapping these communications may advance the technology of cochlear implants. (07/11/2012)

Study Identifies How Muscles Are Paralyzed During Sleep
Two powerful brain chemical systems work together to paralyze skeletal muscles during REM sleep, according to new research published in ‘The Journal of Neuroscience.’ (07/11/2012)

Actress With Ph.D. From UCLA Blends Talents on Hit TV Sitcom
Mayim Bialik spoke with Huffington Post science correspondent Cara Santa Maria about why she became a neuroscientist and how she balances the many aspects of her busy life. (07/10/2012)