Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

Music training improves the aging process, researchers say
“Music training has a lifelong good impact on the aging process, says a new study out of Northwestern University.” (06/07/2012)

Targeting the Brain’s Appetite Control Switch
“Researchers studying mice at Columbia University Medical Center found that when they messed with a certain protein that is found in the brains of mice – and humans – the rodents’ appetite and metabolism changed.” (06/07/2012)

Tricking Blind Person’s Brain Into Thinking It Is Seeing Things
Researchers have discovered how a visual prosthetic device could stimulate the brain to generate mental images – the blind person could wear eyeglasses with a tiny webcam that transmits data to a computer chip which is implanted in the brain.” (06/07/2012)

Where Music Intersects With the Brain: A Guide to Art and Science
“Preeminent music-and-brain neuroscientist Ani Patel, who’s a senior fellow at Neurosciences Institute, teamed up with cellist Ronald Thomas, who plays annually with local music organization Mainly Mozart. The pair explored the questions of timbre and musical expression, and the way our brains perceive it.” (06/07/2012)

Gladstone Scientists Reprogram Skin Cells into Brain Cells
“Innovative Technique Lays Groundwork for Novel Stem Cell Therapies” (06/07/2012)

Study Supports Guilt’s Role in Depression
“Guilt appears to play a role in depression, according to a new study.” (06/05/2012)