Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

Brain Scans Give Glimpse of How Your Dog Thinks
“Brain scans of dogs could give researchers a new tool for studying what happens in the mind of man’s best friend.” (05/04/2012)

Injection offers Alzheimer’s hope
“Hopes have been raised for new Alzheimer’s treatments after scientists found an injection could stop the body from killing brain cells by “cutting off” their protein supply.” (05/07/2012)

Did a Copying Mistake Make Humans So Smart?
“Mistakes made during cell division long ago may have lead to the sophistication of the modern human” (05/06/2012)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk, Study Suggests
“Foods high in omega-3s could help to protect your brain as you age, a new study suggests.” (05/06/2012)

UVM researcher goes inside the brains of teenagers
“Just what is it that goes on in the brain of an impulsive, risk-taking teenager? Thirty-two international researchers — including two from the University of Vermont — have managed to shed some light on this question.” (04/29/2012)

The Bilingual Brain Is Sharper and More Focused, Study Says
“The ability to speak two languages can make bilingual people better able to pay attention than those who can only speak one language, a new study suggests.” (04/30/2012)