Meet the Team: Ben Haydock, Senior Software Engineer

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Meet the Team: Ben Haydock, Senior Software Engineer

Name: Ben Haydock

Position: Senior Software Engineer

How long have you been working at MBF Bioscience? 10 years

What do you do? I develop software. Most recently, I’ve been working on our imaging system and hardware integration. For imaging, I develop advanced features that help the user acquire the images they want. Another feature I worked on lets the user modify the display of those images for optimum image analysis.

On the hardware integration side, I work on code that communicates with motorized microscopes, light sources, filter wheels, and stages. The code I write allows our software to move all those pieces of hardware so the user doesn’t have to. Recently, I integrated our software with the current family of Zeiss laser confocal microscopes.

What do you love most about your job? I love graphics, I like to make hardware go, and I enjoy seeing my co-workers every day.

Tell us about the last vacation you took. My brother holds a cross country ski race every year on some land that we share with our sister here in Vermont. So I took some time off to help shovel snow out of the woods onto the cross country ski trails. After the race, my kids and I went skiing on those trails. That’s my  idea of vacation.

How do you spend your free time? I spend it playing with my kids, riding my bike, and skiing when I can find some snow.