A New and Improved Lucivid

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A New and Improved Lucivid


For the first time ever a color microdisplay is available for your microscope.  The new Lucivid LED model let’s you see your head-down display projected over your specimen in color or monochrome.

The Lucivid is an innovative microdisplay that superimposes your computer monitor onto the microscope’s field of view.  Use the Lucivid to perform stereology with Stereo Investigator as well as accurately trace neurons with Neurolucida while you look through your microscope’s eyepieces with your computer’s monitor projected into your microscope.  You can also use the Lucivid for retinal stimulation to excite your retinal specimens by projecting computer generated graphics and patterns onto your specimen.

Smaller, lighter, and more durable than the previous model; the new Lucivid LED model is now available.  Find out more about the new Lucivid LED model on our website.