Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

How the brain can make quitting alcohol harder
If you like to drink but want to stop and don’t seem to have to willpower to do so, it may be because chemicals in your brain are telling you to order another pint, new research suggests. 01/12/2012

Internet addiction changes brain similar to cocaine
A new brain scan study shows not only can that be the case, but also that Internet addiction might cause the same brain changes that are seen in alcoholics and drug addicts. 01/12/2012

Brain Aging: What’s Nintendo Got to Do With It?
Grandpa and grandma may be wrestling the grandkids for the Nintendo, thanks to a study showing Brain Age can improve cognitive function 01/12/2012

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Improves Motion and Mood, Reduces Medications
A new study reveals Deep Brain Stimulation symptoms and reduce medications for patients implanted with the device. 01/13/2012

Really? The Claim: Grief Can Cause a Heart Attack
The emotional pain of losing a loved one can take a toll on the heart, at least metaphorically. But can it trigger an actual heart attack? 01/09/2012

Iron Builds a Better Brain
Brain imaging and gene analyses in twins reveal that white matter integrity is linked to an iron homeostasis gene. 01/09/2012