Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

Fatty food bad for you? It may be a no-brainer
Researchers have found that there’s a part of your body that might actually shrink when you eat too much fast food. Unfortunately, it’s your brain.  12/28/2011

Schizophrenic subjects’ cells wound tight
A discovery that DNA stays too tightly wound in certain brain cells of schizophrenic subjects offers promise of more effective treatment 12/29/2011

‘Rare’ Brain Disorder Might Not Be So Rare Say Researchers
HDLS, or hereditary diffuse leukoencephalopathy with spheroids may be more common than was previously thought.  12/29/2011

Brain Imaging May Provide New Biomarker of Huntington’s Disease
A set of objective, validated biomarkers to evaluate Huntington’s disease (HD) progression has been developed that may enhance the development of drugs to delay disease onset and severity.  12/28/2011

Aging Brains Match Youth in Some Mental Tasks

Older people slow down to avoid making errors, but there may not be a uniform decline in all cognitive processes  12/28/2011