Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

Who you calling bird brain? Pigeons can count as well as monkeys, claims study
There’s a strong case for the phrase ‘bird brain’ not applying to pigeons, as researchers have discovered that they are able to count as well as monkeys.  12/23/2011

“Baby brain” syndrome is real… and it makes you a better mother
Pregnant women DO suffer short-term memory loss, new research claims…  12/23/2011

Timing is key in the proper wiring of the brain, Yale researchers find
Neurobiologists at Yale say the timing of neural circuit wiring is crucial to the development of vision and perhaps to other key neural processes  12/23/2011

No more blind mice? Prosthetic device sends images directly to brain – and could help humans
Blind mice could be a thing of the past thanks to a new prosthetic device that’s been tested on the animals. 12/23/2011

Neuroscientists identify a master controller of memory
One gene appears to regulate the brain’s ability to form new memories.  11/22/2011

Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Different Area of Brain
Radiology researchers have found evidence that multiple sclerosis affects an area of the brain that controls cognitive, sensory and motor functioning apart from the disabling damage caused by the disease’s visible lesions.  11/22/2011

Scientists Find Key Brain Differences in Dyslexia
The Brains of People With Dyslexia May Have Trouble Processing Sounds, Especially Speech  12/21/2011