Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

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Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language
Scientists are teasing out the earliest differences between brains exposed to one language and brains exposed to two. 10/10/2011

Mind-guided robotic arm lets paralyzed man touch girlfriend
CBS News reports on a humanlike “neuroprosthesis” controlled by electrical signals from brain implants. 10/10/2011

New Way to Gain a Clear View of the Brain
Japanese neuroscientists have devised a way to turn the brain’s opaque gray matter into a glassy, see-through substance. 10/10/2011

Bjork Talks About How Nature Inspired Her New, High-Tech Album
The Icelandic avant musician worked with Apple to use iPhone and iPad apps to release Biophilia—a record that mimics lightning, DNA strands, crystals, and “zombie snails” 10/10/2011

Builders of Corn Mazes Hope to Lose Visitors, and One Actually Did
Modern corn mazes are complex systems, but they are meant to be challenging, not panic-inducing, according to maze builders, and getting out should never require a police escort. 10/13/2011

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