Meet the Team: Jack Glaser, President

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Meet the Team: Jack Glaser, President

Name: Jack Glaser

Position: President

Years at MBF Bioscience: 24

What do you do? On a typical day, I am involved with many aspects of running the company. I spend a lot of time engaged with the product development team to design, develop, and refine new features in both existing products and entirely new products. I am also involved with the customer support side of our business, especially working with customers who are using our products to push the envelope with new research. I also oversee the sales, marketing, and operations aspect of our business. I have quite a varied day, which I find to be very intellectually fulfilling.

What have been some of the most exciting events that occurred over the history of the company? One of the most exciting events that I can recall occurred when we were pioneering the field of virtual slides. I showed a visiting researcher one of the very first virtual slides created of an entire specimen using a 40x objective lens. His reaction still resonates with me. He said, “Oh my God, do you know what you have here? You are going to revolutionize how people do science and teach medical school!” Looking back at that moment, now more than 10 years ago, he was right.

As president of the company, you must travel frequently for work. What was the last business trip you took? My last business trip was to New York City, where I visited the labs of some of our customers and collaborators.

What have been some of the most interesting labs you’ve visited? For me there is always a special interest in seeing how labs in various countries around the world integrate their local culture into their workspaces, yet it is interesting to see how the principles of science remain universal. Labs in India, China, and Japan stand out in my memory. And it is always interesting to visit the lab of a Nobel laureate.  

You’ve been recognized as an outstanding manager and leader. Your company was named one of the Best Places to Work in Vermont, and you received the award for Vermont Small Business Person of the Year. Can you offer some advice on starting and running your own business? There is no secret formula to starting or running a business, but if you have the willingness to work hard, the focus to succeed on every level — from accomplishing minor details to completing full projects, and if you always have the posture of being open to learn and apply new things, you will succeed.

What do you love most about your job? If I had to give one answer, it would be that I love working with researchers in labs around the world to do new, very challenging technical things that have never been done before. 

What was the last vacation you took? Vacation? What’s that? Well, that’s my old answer. Now I am able to take more time. I love vacationing on St. John with my family, being on the beach in the middle of winter.

Check back next week for our Q&A with Jack about the upcoming Society for Neuroscience’s Annual Meeting.

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