Meet the Team: Alissa Wilson, Stereology Lab Technician

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Meet the Team: Alissa Wilson, Stereology Lab Technician

Name: Alissa Wilson

Position: Stereology Lab Technician

How long have you been working MBF Bioscience? 4 years

What do you do? I’m part of the MBF Labs contract research team that performs stereological analyses for customers. Every day I’m using MBF Bioscience software right here in the office. My work mainly involves the Optical Fractionator and Cavalieri probes of Stereo Investigator, but I also perform neuron reconstruction and imaging of many different types of tissue with Neurolucida. Also, the developers often ask us to test new software features, and it’s always exciting to be among the first to see new improvements.

What do you love about your job?  I love that each contract is different so I get to use different probes on different tissue. I also enjoy coming up with new ideas to make the software easier not only for us to use, but also the customers. Oftentimes when we use a new probe, we offer suggestions on ways to make it more efficient for the user. It is also very fulfilling to see a project through from the start to the final report.

How do you spend your free time?  I fill up my free time with my husband and animals. I have two horses, two dogs, and two cats. I also foster dogs and cats for a local rescue, so it is always exciting at my house. I love to be outdoors riding the horses and taking the dogs hiking on the great Vermont trails.

What was the last vacation you took?  My last vacation was my honeymoon to Aruba. It was a great place to visit and the water was amazing. My favorite part of the trip was exploring the island by jeep, and snorkeling with the fish.

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