Upcoming Webinar: Introduction to Biolucida Cloud

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Upcoming Webinar: Introduction to Biolucida Cloud

Register now for our upcoming webinar “Introduction to Biolucida Cloud,” a practical demonstration of our new software for viewing images from sources ranging from virtual slides to confocal stacks.

On Wednesday, July 27, at 12pm ET, Dr. Jose Maldonado and Jeff Blaisdell will introduce a new scientific image-management solution—MBF Bioscience Biolucida Cloud. This powerful new software lets you store, organize, and view 2D and 3D images over the internet or local networks. A Biolucida Cloud can be set up in for a single lab, a core facility, or for an entire institution. We’ll demonstrate several benefits of this software, including the ability to share 3D virtual slides—digital reconstructions of entire specimen that you can focus through. Off-site colleagues can quickly view and analyze virtual slides, eliminating the need to mail physical slides. You can even view 3D confocal image stacks at any focal plane. Biolucida integrates seamlessly with Neurolucida, Stereo Investigator, and Microlucida allowing users to quantitatively analyze images in the cloud directly from any workstation with MBF analysis software.

In this webinar, you will learn how to view and manage image collections with Biolucida to improve access, organization, and collaboration. We’ll show you how to tag and search images, edit image descriptions and notes, and share images with colleagues. We will also demonstrate how to effectively navigate large multichannel images, create region-of-interest bookmarks, and perform image adjustments.

Watch our video demonstration now, and click here to register for the webinar.