Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator 10 Available Now

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Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator 10 Available Now

From Alzheimer’s disease to Multiple Sclerosis, genetic disorders, stroke recovery, and stress, Stereo Investigator and Neurolucida are helping scientists around the globe carry out their research. Our flagship products are the leading tools for unbiased stereology and neuron reconstruction. With the release of Version 10, we’re pleased to unveil a whole new set of exceptional features.

Stereo Investigator allows researchers to use unbiased stereology to count cells in a microscope specimen, and to quantify the size and volume of microscopic objects and areas. Neurolucida is the leading software for neuron reconstruction and analysis in labs around the world.

The new Version 10 of both Stereo Investigator and Neurolucida gives researchers numerous new features including:

• The ability to create 3D mosaics from image stacks from confocal, brightfield and fluorescent microscopes

• Integrated deconvolution

• The ability to create 3D focusable slides

• 3D visualization/solid modeling

• Integration with most major confocal microscopes

• Integration with the Zeiss ApoTome 2

Jack Glaser, President and Co-founder of MBF, says “We’re grateful to have a global network of loyal users who give us a constant flow of ideas for improving and expanding our products’ capabilities to match scientists’ evolving research needs. We also use our systems in our own contract research organization, MBF Labs. This gives us first-hand experience using our software, which is another rich source of inspiration. We’ve taken the most powerful ideas from all those sources and developed them into productive features in Version 10, so our users can continue to get the best images, data and analysis possible from their microscopes.”

Get the full list of Stereo Investigator 10 and Neurolucida 10 features on our website, and read our interview with Vice President Paul Angstman to find out about some of his favorite things in Neurolucida 10 and Stereo Investigator 10.