Stereology Courses Offered this Fall

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Stereology Courses Offered this Fall

Researchers around the globe use stereology to efficiently and effectively gather quantitative data on the cellular level. The method is considered one of the most accurate ways to determine cell volume in 3D renderings of two-dimentional images. Two upcoming courses sponsored by MBF Bioscience offer hands-on instruction in the latest stereological methods.

At the Sixth Course “Morphometry and Stereology in Neurosciences,” taking place October 18-22 in Amsterdam, students will use Stereo Investigator to run stereological probes on virtual tissue files of a section of a mouse brain and a mouse striatum. Professors from the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience at the VU University Medical Center will guide students through the steps of design-based stereology. Topics like morphometry, confocal microscopy, and histological shrinkage will be presented in lectures, exercises and demonstrations.

On Thursday, November 11, and Friday, November 12, Dr. Mark West will conduct an “Introduction to Stereology for Neuroscientists.” The workshop occurs in conjunction with the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting in San Diego. Limited to 30 students, the course focuses on stereological studies of the nervous system.

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