Watch April’s AutoNeuron Webinar On Our Website

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Watch April’s AutoNeuron Webinar On Our Website

A great way to get better acquainted with MBF Bioscience’s software is to take one of our webinars. Hosted by Dr. Susan Hendricks, the online presentations demonstrate in real time how you can get the most out of our products.

Our latest webinar “Automated Neuron Reconstruction with AutoNeuron” is now available at So if you missed last month’s webinar, or if you’d like a refresher, you can access the recording any time you’d like, and view the entire hour-long presentation at your convenience.

Listen as Dr. Hendricks explains how to use the AutoNeuron extension module for Neurolucida to automatically reconstruct a labeled neuron. A series of slides provides the visuals as she uses the workflow to create a 3D model of the cell. Automatic soma detection, automatic and interactive branch reconstruction, and 3D display of the image data and the trace model are all discussed.

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