Faster and More Powerful–AutoNeuron 4 Delivers

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Faster and More Powerful–AutoNeuron 4 Delivers

MBF Bioscience AutoNeuron

With the release of Neurolucida 9 comes version 4 of AutoNeuron. At MBF Bioscience our customers’ suggestions often become our newest features. What’s new and improved?

Windows 7/64-Bit: We’ve tested—and passed—Neurolucida and AutoNeuron on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. The 64-bit version allows more memory and bigger data sets.

Interactive Mode: We’ve put a lot of work into making this easier to use. AutoNeuron now offers dynamic point-to-end-point display of the proposed tracing path while the user moves the mouse. Easily specify intermediate tracing points, too. Adding a new branch is as simple as a single click.

Regions of Interest: Identify one or more regions of interest for automatic tracing using contours, and specify the upper and lower Z limits for tracing. This makes it much easier and faster to limit tracing to just a portion of your 2D image or 3D image stack.

Editing Tools: Automated tracing can produce errors quite different from those seen with manual tracing. Our improved editing tools, which now include quick-splice and quick-detach tools for correcting tracing errors, make correcting errors easy.

Seed Placement: Apply distinct colors to differentiate between automatically- and manually-placed seeds used in automatic tracing. When you clear all seeds, choose to keep your manually placed seeds after the

Blended Channels: In previous versions, AutoNeuron could trace independent confocal channels. With our new release, you can trace selectively combined channels as well.

“AutoNeuron is the future of quantitative neuromorphology. I am particularly excited about AutoNeuron’s interactive function because it will allow for much more efficient tracing of Golgi stained neurons, which are notoriously difficult to quantify. Cajal would be proud!” – Bob Jacobs, PhD, Thomas M. McKee Professor in the Natural Sciences, Department of Psychology; Co-Director of Neuroscience, The Colorado College

Download Neurolucida 9 with AutoNeuron 4 at

First published in The Scope, fall 2009.