Densita For Autoradiography

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Densita For Autoradiography

Densita Screen Shot

Densita, our latest software application, is now available to researchers in labs around the world. Designed as an intuitive application for semi-quantitative and autoradiographic analyses, Densita can work with images from a scanner or a traditional light table and camera system, as well as with image files from other systems, including MCID. Densita allows researchers to quickly and accurately perform receptor binding and mapping studies.

“Densita is a welcome addition to the MBF family of software solutions,” says Jack Glaser, president and co-founder of MBF Bioscience. “We had numerous customers tell us that they would like a system for autoradiography. We wanted to design one that is so easy to use that everyone who uses autoradiography in their research would want to use it.”

Featuring our intuitive workflow technology, Densita makes autoradiography much simpler; even those using it for the first time will find it easy to be productive. It includes specific steps for image acquisition, calibration, total- and non-specific binding linking, and it also includes the ability to transfer results to Microsoft Excel. In addition to using existing images, researchers can acquire new images with a scanner, a camera and light table, or with a microscope and camera.

Densita’s advanced features include montaging and multi-channel image support for fluorescent semi-quantitative analysis. The dynamic recalculations feature saves researchers’ work with each change made, so captured regions or calibration tables can easily be adjusted without having to restart the data collection process.

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First published in The Scope, summer 2008.