Mobile Software Licensing

We are pleased to offer a new licensing option for our customers, available immediately for Stereo Investigator 8 and Neurolucida 8. Mobile licensing is now available for all MBF Bioscience software products. Acquire your data and images on multiple systems in different locations. Use one complete system with your microscope, stage, and camera to acquire and trace. Then analyze the data files on a workstation not connected to your microscope setup. Using a hardware key called a dongle, moving your Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator license is as easy as walking from one part of the lab to another. The dongle holds the license information for your program and any modules such as AutoNeuron or 3D Solids, and can easily be updated whenever you update your software. Currently operating on a fixed-license? Call us for pricing to convert to a mobile license. We’ll convert the license over the phone and ship you a dongle.