Performing an Optical Fractionator Without the Microscope

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Performing an Optical Fractionator Without the Microscope

Performing stereology counts offline is easier than ever with the inclusion of a straightforward way to capture image stacks for quantification. Using systematic random sampling, the Stereo Investigator software drives the microscope stage to collect image stacks at each counting site of your brightfield or fluorescently labeled tissue.


The system can even be configured to collect the entire region of interest, creating an exhaustive three-dimensional montage! Like the Optical Fractionator, the SRS Image Stack Acquire Workflow is intuitive, efficient, and easy to learn and use. It takes you step-by-step through the systematic process of acquisition – from configuring your study through saving your data and image files.


By providing clear instructions for implementing each part, the Workflow decreases training time and is easier to learn. Set up the microscope for data collection and walk away. The Workflow even allows you to set up multiple regions of interest for capture with pre-focus steps before acquisition. Additional regions on different microscope slides are saved to the same .DAT file automatically. Easily save and apply sampling parameters identified during a pilot study or a previous study to each animal in the experiment.


Visible indicators at each step provide you with relevant options and ask for your input. Because the imaging is completed, performing stereological probes is even easier to learn—there is no need to adjust light levels, or switch magnifications. Reclaim your microscope. Use the SRS Image Stack Workflow today!

First published in The Scope, summer 2007.