Case Studies

Case Studies:  Using Biolucida in a fully online histology course

Dr. Robert Ogilvie began teaching histology with virtual slides in the late 1990’s, making him one of the first educators to adopt the technology. He continues to be a pioneer in the field, teaching one of the first fully online histology courses in the Spring of 2011. Course enrollment doubled as soon as the course was offered online, and it remains popular for students from a wide range of majors.

Recently, Dr. Ogilvie incorporated Biolucida into his course to improve exams and quizzes for the 150 - 175 students he teaches online each semester. With Biolucida, all students can simultaneously access and navigate virtual slides - no need to stagger exam times. The tight integration of Biolucida with Blackboard allows virtual slides and questions to be delivered in random order, which Dr. Ogilvie found decreases the likelihood of student collaboration during exams. Dr. Ogilvie also noticed that students began to ask more comprehensive and thought provoking questions.



Watch a video of a sample lecture given with Biolucida


At the 2014 Experimental Biology meeting, Dr. Ogilvie presented a poster outlining the 8 ½ semesters of teaching this fully online histology course. Read his poster below. 

Exploring 8 1/2 semesters of a fully online histology course by MBF Bioscience on Scribd

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