Stereo Investigator and Neurolucida Workshop

Presented by: Masha Stern, Managing Director of MBF Europe, B.V.

Dates: May 30, May 31 and June 1, 2017

Location: Hampshire Hotel, Koepoortplaats 3 2612 RR Delft Nederland (near Delft Center)

Introduction to Stereo Investigator Workshop

Stereology is a powerful method for quantifying cell numbers, areas, and volumes in biological structures in a reproducible and unbiased fashion. The goal of this workshop is for you to learn how to design and execute an unbiased stereology study. I will focus on the Optical Fractionator probe for quantifying cell number, and the Cavalieri probe for quantifying volume of a region. This workshop will be a combination of short lectures, question and answer sessions, and hands-on experience using Stereo Investigator.

Introduction to Neurolucida Workshop

You will learn how to create 3D reconstructions of anatomical structures. We will go over neuron reconstructions from tissue section stained with Golgi as well as imported confocal images. I will share tips and tricks of how to use Neurolucida more efficiently. We will discuss the most commonly used analyses available in Neurolucida Explorer and how to export the data.

Automatic Neuron Reconstruction with Neurolucida 360

You will learn how to get accurate, reproducible data about the size, shape, and complexity of neurons as quickly as possible using Neurolucida 360. We will look at the 3 different algorithms available for neuron tracing in automated or user-guided modes as well as discuss differences between the different ways to model dendritic spines.

Practical Workshop in Confocal Microscopy and Quantitative Histology

Workshop dates: August 14-18, 2017
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA 

Description of the Workshops:

  • To provide intensive, hands-on training in the cutting edge technologies of confocal microscopy and quantitative histology using design-based stereology. Evening sessions offer individual training and project consultation
  • Extensive group discussion- participants are encouraged to bring their own material and to discuss their projects

Who Should Attend

  • Graduate students who need to use modern microscopy or stereology in their projects
  • Postdoctoral fellows who would benefit from a comprehensive introduction to microscopy and stereology
  • Young investigators who need to incorporate these analytical approaches into their labs
  • Investigators new to histological analysis who need a rapid and complete introduction to these techniques

Experienced Instructor:

Daniel A. Peterson, Ph.D. has been conducting international courses in microscopy and quantitative histology since 1996. Dan is an NIH-funded investigator in neural repair and stem cell biology who maintains an active lab. He is on the editorial board ofNeurobiology of Aging, Frontiers in Neuroscience and Stem Cells and Development among other journals in the field of regenerative medicine and is a frequent ad-hoc reviewer for a number of neuroscience, stem cell, and clinical journals. Dan served as Chairman of an NIH study section (Neurogenesis and Cell Fate) and is Professor and Vice-Chairman of Neuroscience and Director of the Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine.


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