Whole Slide Imaging

Whole slides are changing the workflow of many labs. Physical slides are transformed into digital resources that can be analyzed on any computer, easily stored, and quickly shared with colleagues no matter where they are. 

Other benefits of whole slides include:

  • Increase the throughput of your microscope by analyzing specimens on a computer workstation, not at the microscope
  • Create digital archive of specimen for future use
  • Preserve fluorescent tissue that degrades over time and fades with each use at a microscope
  • Analyze an image with Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator
  • A single system that works with all of your microscopic specimens
  • Collaborate with others and work remotely
  • Create publication quality images

The 3D and 2D Slide Scanning modules to Neurolucida, Stereo Investigator, and Microlucida automatically acquire whole slides at a microscope.

+ Watch a short video demonstration of whole slide imaging below: