Using image stacks or whole slide images gives researchers flexibility to trace neurons on any computer with Neurolucida 360. MBF provides tools to acquire image stacks and whole slide images; Neurolucida 360 is also compatible with images generated from other software platforms.

How to spend less time at the microscope and more time on analysis:

1)    Acquire image stacks or a whole slide image at the microscope

  • Capture image stacks with Microlucida, or with Neurolucida plus the Image Stack module.
  • Capture whole slide images unattended with Neurolucida or Microlucida plus the 3D Slide Scanning module.  Work on other projects while the system acquires the whole slide image.
  • Capture an overlapping series of image stacks with Neurolucida or Microlucida, and then use the Image Montaging Module on a computer workstation to stitch them together.
  • Capture image stacks or whole slide images with another software platform.

2)    Save 2D and 3D images to Biolucida to easily store, organize, and share microscope images over the Internet.

3)    Analyze images on a computer with Neurolucida 360 to free up the microscope for other projects.


+ Contact us to see if automatic capabilities can be added to your microscope