Upcoming webinar: Q&A session about stereology

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Do you have questions about stereology? MBF Bioscience invites you to a Q&A webinar about stereology with our staff scientist, Dr. Susan Tappan, on Wednesday, July 24th at 12:00 pm (EDT). This webinar, like all webinars from MBF, is free of charge. All you need to do is bring your questions about stereology theory, stereology experimental design, or Stereo Investigator software. You can also submit your questions in advance to the webinar coordinator, Kristin, at kristin@mbfbioscience.com.

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April Webinar: Using Biolucida Cloud for Creating & Utilizing Educational Material for Medicine & Science

Spinal Cord

On April 10 (12-1pm EDT), discover the educational benefits of using virtual slides for teaching histology and pathology with Professor Robert Ogilvie and Dr. Nathan O’Connor. The presenters will create educational course materials and simulate teaching during the webinar so that attendees can experience Biolucida from both the educator’s and the student’s standpoints.

Through a practical demonstration of Biolucida Cloud, attendees will learn how to organize virtual tissue and whole slide imagery into presentations ideal for educational purposes. The demonstration will include slide organization, visualization, annotation, and integration with third-party teaching solutions such as Blackboard. You will also view presentations from a student account, to see Biolucida from the student’s perspective.

Robert W. Ogilvie is Professor Emeritus at the Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston, SC) and Visiting Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of South Carolina.

Nathan O’Connor is Product Manager at MBF Bioscience.

Biolucida Cloud is a new tool for educators and researchers that performs efficient storage, organization, viewing, annotation, and presentation of 2D and 3D virtual slides and their supplemental imagery (e.g., confocal images) over the internet or a LAN. Biolucida can be integrated into existing IT infrastructure, exist on a stand-alone server, or truly reside in a Cloud resource provided by MBF Bioscience.

Visit our website to register for our free webinar “Using Biolucida Cloud for creating & utilizing educational material for medicine and science” which will take place Wednesday, April 10 at 12 noon (US EDT).

Upcoming Webinar: Stereology Concepts & Probe Selection

Area and Volume Estimation in Stereo InvestigatorStereology is considered the gold standard methodology for unbiased and precise quantification of microscopic biological features of tissues. Yet, researchers are often confused about how to properly design an experiment which effectively and efficiently employs stereology.  This webinar is designed to demystify the core concepts of stereology ( isotropy, systematic random sampling, tissue preparation, bias) to help participants confidently design their next experiment.

In this webinar led by Drs. Susan Tappan and Dan Peruzzi, participants will learn:

  • how to choose the correct probes for estimation of object number, length, surface  area, and regional volume.
  • how to select the most suitable type of tissue sectioning.
  • how to perform systematic sampling properly.

Go to our website to register for our free webinar “Stereology Concepts & Probe Selection” which will take place Thursday, March 28 at 12 noon US Eastern Standard Time.

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Watch our WormLab Webinar Video

Our latest webinar “Introduction to WormLab” is now available for streaming. Go to our website to watch Dr. Susan Hendricks and Vice President Jeff Sprenger demonstrate WormLab, our new software for tracking and analyzing the behavior of C. elegans.

Find out more about how WormLab can help with your research by visiting our WormLab page at mbfbioscience.com.  Contact us for a free trial or for a quote!

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Register for Thursday’s WormLab Webinar

Learn how to use WormLab, our new software for tracking and analyzing the movement of C. elegans by taking our free webinar, Thursday, May 10, at 12pm EDT. Staff Scientist Dr. Susan Hendricks and Vice President of Research and Development Jeffrey Sprenger will lead an hour-long practical demonstration that will include:

• the detection, tracking, and analysis of single or multiple worms, even during interaction events;

•  viewing the many metrics and behaviors that are automatically calculated, including worm count, speed, direction, reversals, and omega bends;

•  capturing videos of worms on agar plates; and automatically loading and analyzing these videos.

Released last month, WormLab is a user-friendly new tool that facilitates the analysis of C. elegans locomotive behavior. Our Introduction to WormLab webinar will provide an excellent overview to the software, while providing current and prospective users an opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

Please register in advance for the free webinar, and visit the WormLab page on our website for more information about the software and to watch a video demonstration.


Our Webinar on Using Unbiased Stereology is Now Available to View Online


Our most recent webinar on ‘Using Unbiased Stereology to Accurately Determine the Number of Cells in a Region of Interest’ is now available to view on our website.

The Optical Fractionator is the most commonly used stereological probe in the life sciences.  In our webinar Drs. Jose Maldonado and Dan Peruzzi go over the theory behind the Optical Fractionator probe.

Learn the correct stereological protocol to use when running the Optical Fractionator probe as Drs. Maldonao and Peruzzi give practical advice for planning an experiment using the Optical Fractionator.  Discover how to count cells in order to get an estimate that is precise enough for your research while avoiding spending unnecessary time counting.  Use the theoretical framework presented in this webinar to support the practical application of the Optical Fractionator in your laboratory’s research.

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Register for Our Upcoming Stereology Webinar

The Optical Fractionator probe in Stereo Investigator is an extremely effective tool for stereological cell quantification. It is our goal to provide our customers with the most efficient methods and tools for their research needs.

Join our staff scientists Drs. Jose Maldonado and Daniel Peruzzi on Wednesday, February 22nd at 12:00pm EST for a webinar on using on using unbiased stereology to accurately determine the number of cells in a region of interest.  Our knowledgeable staff scientists, who use the Optical Fractionator probe extensively in their own research, will explain how the Optical Fractionator probe can be applied to your research.


Please click here to register and read the full abstract.

Our Confocal Stereology Webinar Recording is Available to View Online

Confocal microscopy offers clear access to the tiniest biological elements. Stereology provides an exceptional way to quantify them. Combine the two and you’ve got an unparalleled tool for conducting research.

Our latest webinar “Confocal Stereology: A Technical Innovation from MBF Bioscience and Carl Zeiss Microscopy” provides an in-depth look at confocal microscopy, stereology, and how the two can work together. MBF Bioscience Staff Scientists Dr. Susan Hendricks and Dr. Jose Maldonado demonstrate how a Zeiss LSM confocal microscope powered by Zeiss Zen and Stereo Investigator® is a powerful tool for quantifying spines, synapses, co-labeled cells, or fibers in a variety of biological tissues.

Watch the webinar for step-by-step instructions on how to acquire and analyze confocal SRS Image Stacks, see how much easier it to see bright tightly packed small objects in a confocal image, and find out why Stereo Investigator along with Zeiss Zen is the most tightly integrated and easy to use solution for confocal systematic random sampling stereology.

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Upcoming Webinar: Confocal Stereology – A Technical Innovation from MBF Bioscience and Carl Zeiss

On Thursday, October 6, Dr. Jose Maldonado and Dr. Susan Hendricks present a live webinar on confocal stereology with Stereo Investigator and the ZEISS LSM confocal microscope.

Stereological quantification of cells, synapses, or other very small structures benefit from the high resolution imaging of laser scanning confocal microscopes. MBF Bioscience and Carl Zeiss have partnered to bring you the most user-friendly and efficient solution for laser scanning confocal stereology.

Stereo Investigator combined with the latest ZEISS LSM confocal microscopes is the world’s most fully integrated system for using stereology to quantify co-labeled objects with the precision of laser scanning confocal microscopy. Additionally, the off-line capabilities of Stereo Investigator workstations permit more effective use of your confocal system by making it available for other users.

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Biolucida® Cloud Webinar Recording Now Available

Thanks to everyone who attended last week’s webinar on Biolucida Cloud. If you didn’t have a chance to watch the live demonstration last Wednesday, or you’d like to view it again,  watch the entire hour-long recording on our website. We’ve also posted the extended Q&A session where you can get answers to all the questions we didn’t have a chance to get to during the webinar.

We’re thrilled to offer our customers this new software for scientific image management. Biolucida Cloud is the most efficient way to store, organize, view, and share virtual slides and image stacks with colleagues across the lab or on the other side of the world.

Watch the webinar Introduction to Biolucida Cloud.

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