Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

A Cup of Cocoa a Day May Help Memory in Elderly
Drinking a cup of hot chocolate before bed may stave off memory problems in the elderly, research has suggested. (08/18/2012)

How the Brain Cleans Itself
Fluids coursing through the nervous system could help clear the brain of toxic detritus that leads to Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disorders. (08/16/2012)

Probing the Youthful Brains of “Super Agers”
A Northwestern University researcher has identified an elite group of elderly people age 80 and older whose memories are as sharp as people 20 to 30 years younger than them. (08/18/2012)

Retinal Device Restores Sight to Blind Mice
Researchers have developed in mice what they believe might one day become a breakthrough for humans: a retinal prosthesis that could restore sight to those who have lost their vision. (08/13/2012)

In Epileptic Seizures, Researchers See the Neurology of Consciousness
Yale researchers studying epileptic seizures have shed new light on the neurological origins of consciousness.

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