On-Site: First MBF Bioscience System Installed in Africa

From left: Jacquie, Tyrone, Susan, Liz, Mauritz, Hayley, Jose

Africa’s first MBF Bioscience system was installed at the University of Cape Town in South Africa last month.  The head of MBF Bioscience Latin America, Dr. Jose Maldonado, integrated Stereo Investigator with a Zeiss 510 Confocal microscope in the Confocal and Light Microscope Imaging Facility at Dr. Dirk Lang’s lab.  Jose also trained the team on how to use the system and gave a talk on stereology theory during his visit.

Comprising a wide range of research areas including neuroscience, cell biology, and applied anatomy, the University of Cape Town’s Confocal and Light Microscope Imaging Facility provides state-of-the-art equipment for advanced fluorescent image acquisition and analysis.

We’re pleased to be able to provide tools for Dr. Lang and his team’s research, and thrilled to have a system in South Africa! Here are a few photos from Jose’s training session.

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