Upcoming Webinar: Reconstructing and Analyzing Neurons with Neurolucida and Its New Automated Advancements

The latest version of Neurolucida features an array of automated enhancements that make neuron reconstruction and analysis faster and easier than ever before. Have you traced a dendritic arbor with AutoNeuron, or counted spines with the help of AutoSpine? Our upcoming webinar “Reconstructing and Analyzing Neurons with Neurolucida and its New Automated Advancements” covers these software enhancements, and more.

Led by Staff Scientist Dan Peruzzi PhD, and Vice President of Research Jeff Sprenger, the free webinar will feature a real-time demonstration of Neurolucida. Participants will learn about the software’s many capabilities including:

  • Manual serial section reconstruction and neuron reconstruction.
  • Object mapping.
  • Automatic reconstruction of neurons.
  • Automatic detection of spines and objects identified as putative synapses.

Examples of visualization and quantitative analysis of the models will also be shown.

Go to our website to register for our free webinar “Reconstructing and Analyzing Neurons with Neurolucida and its New Automated Advancements,” which will take place Tuesday, July 31, at 12 noon US Eastern Standard Time.

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