Announcing WormLab, Advanced Software for Tracking and Analyzing C. elegans

There’s a groundbreaking new tool in town. It’s called WormLab and it’s going to revolutionize the way scientists analyze the behavior of C. elegans – tiny worms used as model organisms in research studies.

WormLab helps scientists analyze the locomotion and behavior of C. elegans by providing precise information and analyses about their speed, direction, position, and wavelength. The software can track multiple worms as they interact and become entangled, giving scientists more data than what they would find in other software options.

“WormLab provides a user independent way to objectively measure phenotypes. This is a significant advance for quantitative phenotyping packaged in a user friendly platform,” said University of Washington Research Biologist Dr. Brian Kraemer.

Learn more about WormLab by:

  • Contacting our team for a free trial or demonstration at

…And keep checking back for an announcement about an upcoming webinar on WormLab.

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