Science News: Our Weekly Picks from Around the Web

Study Sheds Light on How Birds Navigate by Magnetic Field
“Researchers have identifying cells in a pigeon’s brain that record detailed information on the earth’s magnetic field.” (04/26/2012)

Link between cell phones and cancer may be unjustified
“A new U.K. science review says not to worry about brain tumors while chatting on mobile phones because “evidence overall has not demonstrated any adverse effects on human health.” (04/26/2012)

Blood Flow Fingered in Ice Cream Headaches
“The anterior cerebral artery widens just before brain freeze, sending warming blood to the brain but increasing the pressure to painful levels.” (04/25/2012)

Religion & Brain: Belief Decreases With Analytical Thinking, Study Shows
“A new study finds that prompting people to engage in analytical thinking can cause their religious beliefs to waver, if only a little.” (04/27/2012)

Scientists to build entire ‘human brain’
Scientists are to create the world’s first simulation of a whole human brain, using the most powerful computer built. (04/27/2012)

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