Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

Brains are wired for cooperative activity
The brain was built for cooperative activity, be it dancing on a television show, constructing skyscrapers or working in an office, a new study has found. (11/04/2011)

First brain image of a dream created
Feat opens the door to probing the stuff of nocturnal dramas (11/04/2011)

Brain circuit helps order memories
Making memories A brain pathway that appears to be crucial in helping us link events that occur close together in time has been discovered by US scientists. (11/04/2011)

Sex, brain cells and memory loss
A rare and mysterious condition called transient global amnesia is helping researchers understand the anatomy of memory and could be a useful model for Alzheimer’s disease (11/04/2011)

Gaining Time: Cystic Fibrosis Drug Shows Rapid Benefits
A rigorous study concludes that experimental medication improved lung function and weight gain (11/02/2011)

Old Cells Advance Aging
By selectively killing senescent cells, researchers can slow the decline of health in aging mice. (11/02/2011)

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