Science News: Our Weekly Picks From Around the Web

Prenatal Exposure to Antidepressants Makes Rats Show Signs of Autism
Rats exposed to antidepressants just before and after birth show brain abnormalities and strange behaviors reminiscent of autism, a new study finds. 10/24/2011

IBM Supercomputer Simulates 4.5 Percent of Human Brain
IBM’s Blue Gene supercomputer can handle 4.5% percent of your brain’s processes – and might have all of them covered by 2019. 10/26/2011

Brain Scans Offer Peek Into People’s Dreams
It’s not quite “Inception,” but new research has allowed scientists to “read” some people as they dream. 10/28/2011

Brain gene activity changes through life
Studies track biochemical patterns from just after conception to old age 10/28/2011

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