Biolucida for Publishers

With Biolucida, scientific journals can publish entire high-resolution 2D and 3D image data sets in research papers. A wide variety of image data can be presented, including whole slide image series (virtual slides) from entire organs, 3D images of tissue cleared with CLARITY, iDISCO, and other clearing methods, 3D reconstructions of whole slide images, high-resolution image montages, and much more. Biolucida is compatible with file formats from almost all microscope and slide scanning manufacturers. Image data can be hosted securely with Amazon Web Services for a maintenance-free solution, or we can integrate Biolucida into your IT infrastructure. 


Instant access to enormous image data sets - right in a web browser

Biolucida delivers large 2D and 3D images very quickly. It's a secure environment that does not use Java or Flash (which can cause security vulnerabilities).



Image data and metadata are permanently available and citable with DOI's 

Images and metadata on Biolucida will always be accessible and researchers will get credit for their work. You can report metadata according to journal standards or industry standards. 



Customizable webpage for your journal

An SEO friendly webpage displays all of the articles that contain image data on Biolucida.





Image storage solved with Biolucida

Unlimited data storage

Image data can take up an enormous amount of storage space, but we have you covered. Using the secure environment of Amazon Web Services, Journals have the option of unlimited data storage so you never run out of space.




See Biolucida in Action

View image data in articles published in The Journal of Comparative Neurology

Protocol for preparing image data with Biolucida

Read the article in Current Protocols in Neuroscience

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More features of Biolucida

  • Embed images in an online article, or link to images
  • File formats from almost all microscope and slide scanning manufacturers are supported
  • Scalable solutions to accommodate different file storage needs. Includes an unlimited storage option.
  • Maintenance-free. MBF Bioscience manages the IT infrastructure.
  • Customize metadata reporting to journal or industry standards
  • Easy protocol for researchers to upload image data to Biolucida
  • Images are permanently available and citable with DOIs
  • Control access to images. Make images public, restrict access to certain people or groups, or keep them private.
  • Customizable, SEO friendly webpage for your publication to display images
  • A secure environment free of Flash and Java
  • Images and figures can be annotated for enriched reading experience
  • Hyperlink to specific locations and magnifications (x,y,z)  in an image
  • Images are organized in folders and subfolders – a layout that’s familiar to all users.
  • Images can be tagged for later data mining
  • Metadata (name, laboratory, preparation, etc.) is searchable

Try out this embedded whole slide image (virtual slide) 


Biolucida has been developed with support from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)