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Enrich your medical education courses

Enrich your medical education course by using Biolucida®: an interactive learning management software developed in collaboration with leading medical educators. Biolucida simulates the experience of using a microscope that can focus through Z, and gives educators a vehicle to reach more students and deliver more dynamic and rich content. Hundreds of students can use Biolucida simultaneously so you can use it even in your largest class.



Many medical educators use virtual slides (high-resolution digital images of tissue specimens) instead of microscopes to teach histology and histopathology. However, many different methods are used to acquire virtual slides, and distributing the slides to students for lectures, course work, and tests can be cumbersome and slow. Here are some unique ways that Biolucida goes above and beyond to create a learning environment where communication thrives. 

  • Point others to the exact structure that you have in mind - Use annotations & bookmarks to circle areas, add text, link to specific structures within slides, and more.
  • No more breaks in the conversation to wait for images to load, and no need to stagger exam times for large classes - Whether you have 10 students or 200 students in a class, they will all be able to quickly access slides at the same time.
  • Students will have an easier time communicating their knowledge of course material - Integrate virtual slides into Blackboard, Moodle, or Sakai for a seamless testing experience.
  • Stimulate discussion by including new and rare specimen - Biolucida supports virtual slides acquired with most slide scanners and microscopes so you can use your entire collection. To expand your collection, easily share slides with other educators or use some from the MBF Bioscience collection.










Good communication is the key to an effective and inspiring course. Educators have complete control over how to use virtual slides to communicate concepts and ideas to students.

  • Manage the student experience - Set permissions so students can only view a select group of slides, turn off slide navigation functions, turn off annotations, etc.
  • Customizable slide organization - Use tags, bookmarks, or your course website to organize images for lectures and course material
  • Integrate supplemental material - Include links to websites, videos, etc. to further explain the subject matter
  • View slides on any device - Biolucida allows students to view slides on a full spectrum of computing devices, including PCs, Macs, Apple and Android phones and tablets.


Behind the simple user interface lies a smart and efficient software architecture that stores an immense amount of data in a small footprint, and serves it very quickly and reliably. 

  • Small footprint - Only one copy of the virtual slide lives on the server, significantly saving precious server space
  • Quick image viewing and navigation - High-resolution virtual copies of the one master file are served to users to annotate, organize, etc. so you don't have to wait for image streaming or image uploads
  • Integrates with existing IT infrastructure - Save money by using existing servers in your institution

Try it yourself. Download the free Biolucida Viewer.


Additional Technical Information

  • Supports 3D (x,y,z) virtual slides and image stacks
  • The free Biolucid Viewer is compatible with PC or Mac 
  • Biolucida server runs on Linux or Windows


Professional Technical Support

When you call us you will speak with a person - not an automated system. Talk to us about your hardware, software, or experimental design questions. Our team includes Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, stereology, neuron tracing, and image processing; ready to help you over the phone or online.


Watch a sample of a lecture given with Biolucida



Biolucida for Medical Education FAQs by MBF Bioscience

Biolucida for Medical Education FAQs by MBF Bioscience on Scribd

Biolucida has been developed with support from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)


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