View and analyze microscope images from anywhere 

Biolucida was built with your future in mind

When you generate microscope images on a regular basis, organizing, accessing and sharing them can be time consuming at best and impossible at worst. Biolucida streamlines this process by allowing you and your colleagues to quickly view any image over the Internet.

Your microscope images can now be well-organized digital resources that are ready to be viewed and analyzed by you and your colleagues anytime, anywhere.

View, organize, share, and analyze:

  • 2D and 3D virtual slides
  • 3D confocal image stacks
  • 2D images 
  • Data files (neuron reconstructions, stereology data, etc.) from Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator 

Biolucida supports images acquired from a number of different sources including:

  • MBF's Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator software and associated modules such as Virtual Tissue 2D or Virtual Tissue 3D
  • Data files from Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator 
  • Slide scanners such as Aperio's ScanScope and Hamamatsu's Nanozoomer
  • Other third party software from companies such as Zeiss and Olympus

Virtual slides, which can be very large files, are easily stored in Biolucida letting you view any region of your tissue, at any depth, at any magnification, anywhere in the world.  Dr. Harvey Karten, Professor of Neurosciences, School of Medicine, UCSD, uses Biolucida to organize his microscope images, including a complete data set of an entire experimental mouse brain scanned at 0.5 microns/pixel. This image data alone would quickly fill a 10-15 TB server.

Biolucida fully integrates with Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator so you can trace neurons or perform stereology from any computer with a workstation edition of Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator whether it's in a lab, at an institution, or even at home. Save the data file in Biolucida and have an off-site colleague check your data or perform further analysis.

By taking advantage of Biolucida's serving technology, you can now take your research anywhere there is internet access. Biolucida can be set up for a lab, core facility, or an entire institution.  It can also work with most existing IT infrastructure, or with servers provided by MBF. Contact us to learn if Biolucida will work with your existing equipment.

+ Try it now.  Download the Biolucida Viewer here.


  • Easily view any image anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Analyze images from the with any computer with a workstation edition of Neurolucida or Stereo Investigator
  • Off-site colleagues can quickly access images in Biolucida directly in Stereo Investigator or Neurolucida to perform stereology or trace neurons
  • Create a permanent image library for future research
  • Safely store your microscope images
  • Publish images in an on-line database for reference

Highlighted Features

  • Use your favorite computer platform - PC and Mac versions available
  • Works with most existing IT infrastructure, or with servers provided by MBF
  • Compatible with images generated from third party companies such as Zeiss and Olympus, and from slide scanners by Aperio, Hamamatsu, and others
  • Organize images in groups or with tags to quickly find what you want
  • Efficient side-by-side comparison of any images

Supported File Formats

  • Jpeg2000 (.jp2, .jpf, .jpx)
  • Aperio (.svs)
  • Nanozoomer (.ndpi)  [Windows Only]
  • Tiff (.tif)
  • Olympus  (.oib/.oif)
  • Fluoview (.tif)
  • Zeiss (.lsm)

Sharing your images and analysis results with colleagues as well as other collaborators anywhere is now what the future holds for you.

+ Watch a short video demonstration of Biolucida :

Contact us for a complimentary remote demonstration. Call 802-288-9290 or email


Biolucida has been developed with support from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)