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Explore a variety of data that demonstrates the models you can create using MBF Bioscience image analysis software (e.g. Neurolucida® 360). Interact with these data files over the web and examine the full resolution, 3D morphological models generated from microscopy images.


Getting started: 

      1.  Click the Neurolucida 360 splash screen.   
      2.  Select a data file



  • To zoom in/out, scroll with your mouse wheel.
  • Click and drag to rotate the tracing.
  • Hold shift key and drag to pan.

The data files included were provided with permission by the following researchers:

• Pyramidal Cell 1: Dr. Hornung at the University of Lausanne
• Pryamidal Cell 2: Drs. Chevaleyre Piskorowski at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris
• Apical Dendritic Spines: Drs. Betzig and Boyden at the Janelia Research Campus and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
• Purkinje Cells: Dr. Hermina Nedelescu at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

Our File Format is Now Open & FAIR to Allow Collaboration Between the Scientific Community

Neurolucida® 360 supports the collaborative goals of Open Science through the practice of data openness, integrity, and reproducibility, by using MBF Bioscience’s published digital reconstruction data file format, the Neuromorphological File Specification (NFS).

The data elements in this NFS format were specifically implemented to ensure the files are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). Abiding by these data standards and providing microscopy image and experimental data provenance enhances the ease of repurposing this data. Encoded in the well-recognized and readable format, the modeling elements specify microscopic neuroanatomies in a calibrated 3D coordinate system with appropriate units.


These Neurolucida® 360 files can also easily be viewed and parsed in a variety of software, e.g. MATLAB and Python. To learn more about the key elements of the file format and their relevant structural advantages, view our manuscript, A comprehensive, FAIR file format for neuroanatomical structure modeling.

Request an Expert Demonstration

We offer both a free expert demonstration and a free trial copy of Neurolucida 360. During your demonstration you’ll have the opportunity to talk to us about your hardware, software, or experimental design questions with our team of Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, neuron tracing, and image processing.


Free 14-day trial copy: Download of a copy of Neurolucida 360 and use the tips and suggestions from the free evaluation to find out how easy it is to use and how quickly you can obtain useful data.