Connect to a Biolucida server

Valid for PCs, laptops, iPads.

  1. From your web browser, type in the URL provided by the instructor or administrator.
  2. There are two possibilities:
    1. Collections and images are loaded. You're ready to work!
    2. You're asked to log in; use the login provided by your instructor or administrator to load collections and images.

NOTE: If you can't see any collection and there is no option to log in, you need to talk to your instructor or IT department.

Connecting for the first time

Before connecting for the first time, Biolucida Viewer must be installed.

  1. Go to and click the button
  2. A new window opens, listing three operating systems. Your system is identified with the green Download button. Click
  3. Run the .exe file you just downloaded and follow the prompts to install Biolucida Viewer.
  4. After installing Biolucida Viewer, the Initial Connection Wizard automatically opens.
  5. Select one of the three options from the Wizard:

Connecting to servers with Biolucida Viewer already installed

Click the Connections button in the Biolucida Viewer browser to open the Biolucida Connections window.

To visit one of the open access sites as a guest, click a button under Featured Sites.














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